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Born in a Central Europe split between the Cold War and lots of border, he traveled constantly with his parents in search of quiet and inspiration…
That’s how the story of Ian Gothier begins.
He is a son of Diplomats from different Nationalities linked by a profoundly deep love that permitted to overcome the barriers so Ian got a Degree in Music in two Conservatoire. Moreover, he discovers his hidden talent for writing, journalism, and last but not least, he is been hypnotized by the beauty of visual arts and now he can not even help himself. Versatile artist, he becomes obsessed about how art and different cultures interweave and at young age he discovers the elegance of creating beauty through photography.
Ian grew up in a darkroom among analog negatives so he expresses and transmits through the construction and the animations of images, movement, the observation and the contemplation of the subjects that can capture his attention. However, the artist has a total control over his creature. He likes to take to the extreme his works until reaches the perfection. Ian’s masterpieces are realized as real art installations divided in two acts: the first one, the subject is set in a peculiar environment and it is totally abandoned in its atmosphere; the second aim of the act is to take by hand the observer and bring him/her into the intimacy of his photographic lens, likewise the mirror of Alice in the Wonderland. Different muses cross his path, every time looking for someone who would lay bare and leave pieces of their souls. Ian does not look for the “perfect beauty” believes that everything and everyone can be beautiful in its own way, the important is how to narrate the subject or the object in order to show its beauty.
Photography is not about retouching or slight tampering technique but pictures are born through fabulous lighting and atmosphere effects completely natural. This is the true wealth of his masterpieces.